Game Developers Cooperation

GameBabylon desires to cooperate to the game developers.We wants to sponsor your games, if you are interested.

We offer good earning to the talented game developers.

Cooperation Policy:

To be qualified for a GameBabylon sponsorship, the game must not yet have been released to any game portal, and should have virtually no public exposure.

Our sponsorships are "primary". This means that our branding must be in any non-sitelocked version of your game. We grant you the right to sell versions to other sites that are free of our branding, but those versions MUST be sitelocked to those sites only. You may NOT license the game to any other site that will redistribute their licensed version in any way (embed links, etc.). Any freely distributable version of your game must be the "primary" one that includes the GameBabylon branding.

Branding will include a GameBabylon preloader and image links on the title/menu screen and all game over screens.

There should also be a High Scores link and a More Games link back to GameBabylon. (We will provide you these links.)

We retain the right to freely distribute your game, and also encourage you to upload the freely distributable GameBabylon version to any site that you wish.

The GameBabylon branded version of your game will become free to be hosted anywhere, and this should be stated in the game and/or on the sites it's uploaded to.

You retain the rights to your intellectual property, to identify yourself as the game's creator.

GameBabylon requires that all sponsored games remain exclusive to GameBabylon for the first week of their release. After the one week period is up, you are free to upload the game wherever possible, and are then allowed to sell site-locked licenses to other sites. The one week period can be negotiable, but usually for a lower sponsorship amount.

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